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中華民國台灣自願性採購再生能源的未來發展 | The Future of Voluntary Renewable Energy Purchasing in Taiwan R.O.C.
本次網路研討會將重點討論中華民國台灣再生能源市場的演變和發佈Green-e™ 再生能源標準和相應的認證計劃,旨在讓公司認證和公佈他們採購的合格能源或環境屬性證書。 總部設在美國的資源解決方案中心將詳細介紹該標準的使用情况,以及中華民國台灣公司和能源銷售商(能源購買者和能源銷售者)參與 Green-e™ 方案的方式,並在此開放論壇環境中回答有關新的獨立第三方機會的問題。資源解決方案中心與中華民國台灣的台灣綠電應用協會(Taiwan Association of Green Energy Transition,TAGET)合作,與資源解決方案中心共同舉辦本次網路研討會,並將就中華民國台灣再生能源市場的快速發展發表他們的看法。

2021 年 11 月 18 日上午 09:30 台北時間(亞洲)[2021 年 11 月 17 日下午 05:30 太平洋時間(美國和加拿大)]

Chip Wood,資源解決方案中心戰略合作夥伴總監
Richard Hsu,台灣綠電應用協會秘書長
Judy Chen,資源解決方案中心 Green-e 認證專案經理


This webinar will focus on the evolution of the Taiwan R.O.C. renewable energy market and the release of the new Green-e™ Renewable Energy Standard For Taiwan R.O.C. This new Standard and corresponding certification program is designed for companies to certify and publicize their purchases of qualifying energy or environmental attribute certificates. U.S. based Center for Resource Solutions will present details on the use of the Standard, ways that Taiwan R.O.C. companies and energy sellers (buyers of energy and sellers of energy) can participate in the Green-e™ program, and answer questions in this open forum setting about this new independent 3rd-party opportunity. CRS works cooperatively with Taiwan R.O.C. based TAGET (Taiwan Association for Green Energy Transition), which is co-presenting this webinar with CRS and will present their views on the rapid development of the Taiwan R.O.C. renewable energy market.

NOTE: This webinar will be presented in Chinese.

Chip Wood, Director, Strategic Partnerships, CRS
Richard Hsu, Secretary-General, TAGET
Judy Chen, Manager, Green-e Certification Programs, CRS

Nov 17, 2021 05:30 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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